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Benefits Of Seeking A Same-Day Bin Hire Service

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When you hire a skip bin for our garbage removal needs, most companies let you keep the bin for seven days. This is by large the standard practice across the country. However, some companies also offer what is called a same-day collection service. This is where the bin is delivered in the morning and collected that same afternoon/evening. Below, see why you may want to ask about this service next time you need a skip bin hire service

Great cost savings When you hire a bin under a same-day collection service, you do not get charged the same as those hiring under a standard seven-day hire service. Instead, you pay much less, for obvious reasons. The exact rate will depend on the particular company you deal with. However, you can expect a price reduction of as much as 75%. Such a discounted rate is irresistible for anyone looking for a budget removal.

Avoid unnecessary hoarding of the bin Although standard bin hires last a week, not everyone needs the bin for that long. If you don't either, then there is no need to hoard the bin on your premises for the entire period. It simply adds no value to you. A same-day collection service allows you to avoid this unnecessary hoarding practice, but with a cherry on top; you pay much less, which gives you more value for your money. It's fair and practical. 

Minimal space inconvenience A skip bin takes up space in your compound, especially the larger bins. If you're like most people, you want the bin out of your premises as soon as possible. That way you can get your space back. With this bin hire service, you only suffer space inconvenience for a day as opposed to an entire week. Your space then goes back to its normal use. 

Little damage to the ground A skip bin can sometimes cause cosmetic damage to your ground premises. Most providers prevent this by placing timber or rubber base plates under the bin. The longer you have a bin sitting on you premises, the higher the chances that your driveway, parking lot or lawn will get a bit of damage. For short hires such as same-day collections, this won't happen.  

Keep the aesthetics eyesore of a bin to a minimum In some cases, a bin full of trash in your premises can turn into an eyesore. A same-day collection service allows you to prevent this by only having the bin around for a day. You simply fill it up and have it collected a few hours later. 

Ask your skip bin hire provider about same-day collections and enjoy all the above.